• Marci Levin

Choose Your Master

Updated: May 31, 2020

World War III, a pandemic, a world-wide shut-down, earthquakes, pestilence, and riots in the streets... Now is the time to decide who you are and what you believe. The best way to discover yourself and your beliefs is to read. Read anything -- sacred texts, biographies, blogs, even [shudder] news articles. You are the protagonist in your story. You must have goals, desires, and opinions of your own, or you risk becoming the flat side character in someone else's tale.

Be Careful

Proceed with caution. Learn how to distinguish between truth and error. Opinions can be incorrect if based on false premises, and certain opinions (and motivations) can sculpt you into an antagonist. Choose your Master wisely. Only one is correct, and the truth will prevail.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Ignorance is the worst kind of prison -- one you may not even realize exists until you begin pursuing truth. Fortunately, the truth is accessible to everyone.

"Everything that is true is written." -Eriwan, Gray Haze

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