Her reflection morphed into a pillar of black ooze and rose on new legs, sprouting wings of silver light that illuminated its full form. It stood as a man in rippling black robes with a pallid complexion and pure, black eyes. The man’s hair was long and dark. Orange flame flickered in his pupils. He smiled as shadows billowed from his robes like smoke.
“A proper greeting is long overdue, Amora,” he said, hands outstretched. “Welcome to the Third Realm.”

Chapter 8: Long Overdue

They almost had him out the door when the night sky opened like a zipper, revealing deep scarlet underneath. The stars and moon vanished with the parting cobalt blue.
A terribly deep, rumbling roar shook the earth. Leaf tornadoes spun in the gutters and against the house. The ground rolled like a wave. Cracks appeared in the driveway and ran through the road. Malik had never heard a more fearsome sound in his life.

Chapter 37: Red Sky

The demon lord laughed until he coughed. “Your fate will be no different from ours. What will be has already been decided.”
“All secrets are known to me. Mine alone remain unspoken.” And he had nothing left to prove. He deciphered their scripts and willed them out of sight. The Door closed behind them. Only the faintest waft of sulfur lingered in the stagnant air.

Chapter 93: Old Friend

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