GRAY HAZE (Secrets of Volenin, Book 1)

Secrets of Volenin

The end begins in 2041.

For five years, angels and prophets walked the Earth – reviving deserts, curing diseases, and subduing nations. Refined men could see Amalta and the Throne of its Master, ripe for the taking. Five years of plenty begat five years of apathy. Thus, the prophets and angels departed, and humanity’s downfall commenced.

The Sons of Bal plan to seize Amalta and distribute the wealth to its members. But first they must summon their Master, Belael, from the pits of Volenin, and they will need blood to be successful. Most critically, the pure blood of an angel.

The end begins in Fog Creek, New York.

When one impulsive mistake threatens the lives of her family, Amora, a waitress with many secret talents, seeks to make amends with a promise – a promise she may not be able to keep.

When Malik stands up to members of the Sons of Bal at high school, a single misstep could cost him everything. His older brother, Osric, will put his own life on the line to save Malik... and strive to outsmart the most powerful network of murderers the world has ever known.

The Sons of Bal are innumerable, and the ancient terrors they awaken overwhelming. But they are not the only powerful players in town. Eriwän, a Master Seer from a realm between Amalta and Earth, may be the hero the world needs... or an enemy more formidable than the devil himself.

Three Realms. Three Masters. Only one will win the Great War.

Gray Haze is the first installment of a dark fantasy series where monsters and magic return to Earth at the height of the Virtual Age. Choose your master in October 2023. (Ages 16+ for graphic violence and mature themes)


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