Marci Levin

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Secrets of Volenin

A diverse cast of characters brace for a War spanning three realms: Earth, Amälen, and Amalta. Each realm has a Master, and each Master demands fealty. Whom will you serve?


Marci Levin

Marci was born in Salt Lake City, UT, and raised in Idaho from middle school onward. She is the middle child of five siblings and mother of a cat named Susie. She wishes she could be the mother of actual children, but she's waiting for a worthy man to marry.

Sometimes she is sarcastic, and other times she is totally serious.

Her dreams range from teaming up with a neighbor to kill Draco Malfoy in an abandoned warehouse... to sorting an endless cupboard full of dishes for some reason.

Her preferred genres are sci-fi, fantasy, and romance, so she combines the three in her writing. Her latest, Gray Haze, includes elements of horror. She thinks monsters and demons are pretty cool.



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